Sauna World


When you enter the sauna area immediately you will feel it: the silence. It wraps you up and you just wish to do nothing but relax in one of the lounges next to the fireplace.

14 saunas are offered, each of them has a different theme and aroma. The sauna area has about 4000 square meters and is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to seven indoor saunas you can find places to rest, a whirlpool, a fireplace as well as a basin to swim and one with ice water to fresh you up after having a sauna. Separate rooms invite you to have a massage. There are a lot of possibilities: facial, full body, foot relax zone massage and more. Furthermore you can book a ceremony in the Turkish Hamam or in the Oriental Rasul. In our restaurant you can have a drink and a snack or you can taste one of the delicious meals that are made of fresh and regional food.

Outside you seem to be in a little Spreewald village. You can walk along the paths, breathing fresh air and have a look at the 300 year old wooden houses. Each of them has a sauna inside while five of them even where decorated by a regional designer. The interior fittings are all made of wood and each of the cabin has to tell an own story. So you can see the “Lutki-Höhle” that is hidden under a huge hay stick. Down there you can listen to old fairy tales about the Spreewald. In the middle of the sauna is a big stool with a little dwarf (Lutki) on top. He has a large book in his hand and seems to read the old stories. Another sauna is designed like a pig stall. The fat boar and his lovely sow are waiting for the guests to come in. Little boxes are dividing the room in sections. In the “Gurkensauna” you can swing on a real swing set while having a sauna. In another cabin you feel like being in an old farmer house. In former times people lived, ate and cooked in only one room. Based on that fact you can choose your place to sit down between a couch, a bed, a wardrobe or a place besides the oven. Everything seems very realistic – that’s really fantastic. In the old storage you will find wooden made bootles, rabbits, little dwarfs (Lutkis) that tries to hide themselves und more.

In June 2012 a new house with around 90 places to rest will open in the sauna area. The building is an old barn that at the moment is rebuild. Well, you can find the Spree Forest atmosphere in all of Spreewelten ground …


“Spreewald” sauna95 °C
bio sauna 45 °C
steam bath40 °C
“Spreewald” laundry45 °C
salt chamber70 °C
infrared cabin50 °C
aerosol cabin50 °C
Rasul (turkish steam bath)


hay sauna90 °C
gherkin sauna60 °C
pig stall70 °C
dwarfs cave85 °C
state parlour80 °C
salt sauna80 °C
storage80 °C



  • full body massage or partial body massage
  • Hamam ceremony
  • peelings
  • Ayurveda massage


  • ice chamber
  • adventure showers
  • cold water pool
  • foot bath


  • solarium
  • fireplace
  • bistro
  • brine pool
  • sun bathing area
  • rest area