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Bath & penguins


In the Spreewald region you can find a water park with a unique attraction: here you can swim with real penguins. Twelve of these lovely birds are living in a species-appropriate basin. Only separated by a huge window you can swim just next to them. When you wear diving goggles they seem to be straight next to you. Every day at 11 am and 3.30 pm the penguins were fed by their zoo keepers. Then you can learn some interesting things about their living habits, their food and where they originally came from.

Next to the heated outdoor-pool you can find a huge garden where you can do sun-bathing while the kids play in a water playground. Furthermore there is a beach volleyball area and a match ground for different sport activities.

Inside you can find a big wave pool where you can ride on huge floating tires. A lot of fun you will have while using the slides. There are two of them and each is 118 meters long while the “Pinguinsause” is totally dark inside. Furthermore there is a streaming channel. When the stream is on you will flow forward without doing anything.

In the brine bath with very warm water und a salt concentration of approximately two percent you will feel very well. The minerals of the water are good for your skin. You can just relax.